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Perodua Kancil

The Perodua Kancil (also known as the Perodua Nippa in the United Kingdom, and the Daihatsu Ceria in Indonesia) was a city car manufactured by Malaysian automobile manufacturer Perodua from 1994 to 2009. The car is essentially a badge-engineered


The Kancil was Perodua's first car after its founding in 1993. It is a small five-door hatchback vehicle on a monocoque framework that can seat five people. The Kancil, like its predecessors, is a slightly modified Daihatsu Mira; badge engineering is prevalent in Malaysia's automotive industry, having begun in 1985 with car maker Proton, which based its cars on retired models of Mitsubishi Motors.

Subsequent Kancils were only rejuvenated cosmetically as Perodua maintained the monocoque structure and tweaked its engines.

The Kancil is named after the mouse deer (chevrotain) native to Malaysia.

Reception and production

Following its release in 1994, the Kancil became an instant success in Malaysia. The Kancil is popular with beginner drivers and is commonly used in Malaysian driving schools. It was also preferable for its fuel efficiency and easier for parking due to its size. In December 1995, Perodua produced its 50,000th Kancil. By January 1997, 100,000 Kancils had been manufactured, and by 1999 250,000 had been built.

The Kancil was sold in the United Kingdom as the Perodua Nippa before it was eventually replaced by Perodua Kelisa, and rebadged in Indonesia between 2000 and 2006 as the Daihatsu Ceria.

Facelifts and replacement

The original Kancil underwent two minor facelifts. In 1997, the car's grille and bumpers were better integrated to support to a larger grille and rounded indicator lights. In 2000, the car was given another slight facelift consisting of body-coloured side mouldings, a new grille and reprofiled front bumper with larger indicators.

The Kancil received more extensive restyling in 2002, featuring rounder headlights, taillights and bumpers; its rear license plate was also repositioned onto its hatch from the bumper below. Its interior features a flushed dashboard with the combination instrumentation panel placed in the middle similar to that of the Toyota Yaris. However, it is still mechanically identical to its predecessor, except for the EZi automatic transmission option which is given a fuel-injected powerplant.

Production of Kancil ceased on 20 July 2009 and replaced by the basic model of Perodua Viva known as Perodua Viva 660BX which is come in manual transmission only.


The Kancil was sold in three variants:

  • Kancil 660EX- 659 cc three-cylinder carbureted in-line engine, 31 hp (22.1 kW), five-speed manual transmission, black bumpers and door rub strips. RM 22,055.
  • Kancil 850EX- 847 cc three-cylinder carbureted in-line engine, 36 hp (25.5 kW), five-speed manual transmission, body-color bumpers and rub strips. RM 27,227.
  • Kancil 850EZi- 847 cc three-cylinder fuel-injected in-line engine, 49 hp (34.7 kW), three-speed automatic transmission, body color bumpers and rub strips. RM 32,039.

Price List Perodua Kancil

KANCIL 660 BASIC 660 Basic
KANCIL 660 EX (Manual) Solid
KANCIL 660 EX (Manual) Metallic
KANCIL 850 EX (Manual) Solid
KANCIL 850 EX (Manual) Metallic
KANCIL 850 EX (Manual) (Special Edition)
KANCIL 850 EZ (Auto) Solid
KANCIL 850 EZ (Auto) Metallic


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Have the High Cost Car Kancil

Kancil cars are often described as a car that does not burden you, but whether it means that you and your family can have one? Many of the prospective buyer believes that with can pay the monthly payment means that they already can buy a car. Whoa ..... really think. Having a car like an animal such as cattle maintain. If cattle must be fed so the car should also be fed petrol. If not, can not move any. Besides fed, it should also be treated with care. The cost involved is the cost of maintaining, changing parts, improve, insurance and road tax.

Say a car is one of the most affordable car kancil 660 EX models priced RM24, 489.00 (in 2003). The cost involved is as shown in the figure above. After taking into account all the costs involved, such as advance payment, insurance, road tax, monthly payments, depreciation, petrol, maintenance, parking fees, car washing, and other accessories, the cost to have a Kancil car there is the first year of RM13 , or 620.00 per month cost of RM1, 135.00. This is a large amount. Therefore, mampukah money you spend more than RM1, 000.00 per month for the Kancil car? That new Kancil car, if a larger cars like Waja, Persona, etc, how .....? Of course belanjanya larger than Kancil. In year 2, costs will decrease because there is no advance payment, insurance premiums will also be reduced. However, maintenance costs will increase. 4 tires have to be tire change. Now kena pulak, tires not very good. First 3 years but now may be resistant 1 1 / 2 years to 2 years dah kena change. Battery shall likewise. Now use a dry battery, dah good reason not touched the water fill the battery but costs more expensive.

Originally, when we see a monthly car payment Kancil only within RM300.00 more, but when we terperincikan other costs, so dah more than RM1, 000.00 per month. So, before purchasing a car, just think! Kalau dah terbeli, struggle I had to compensate expenses. Some other expenses such as food shopping and kitchen may have sacrificed solely to pay costs related to the car. In the end, when you can not afford to sacrifice other spending, you may not be able to pay monthly fees. If this continues for several months, the lender will even begin to call you and you will be facing the risk of pull vehicle.
You're ready to accept this condition? Think-think ....